Learning Never Stops… Final ECMP 355 Post

This semester has flown by and I can’t believe that I am now posting my last blog post for ECMP 355. I really enjoyed the uniqueness of this class and getting to tell my friends that I had to do my homework for the day and tweet. I learned a lot about digital citizenship this semester and noticed how to better portray myself online as well as how to teach my students someday about  the importance of this. The following video is my learning summary for ECMP355 – Fall 2014. A big thanks goes out to my instructors for presenting this class to us and another thanks goes out to my peers who were great supporters of my learning and others learning this semester. Hope you enjoy the video!

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More Digital Stories

I wanted to share a cute ToonDoo that I created. I enjoy the season of Christmas and therefore I wanted to share another Christmas inspired item. I thought that it was particularly punny


I know you are probably shaking your head at how ridiculous that was, but I hope I made you chuckle or even crack a smile. The following two small video stories are from my personal past. I decided that it would be cool to look back at my time on Instagram. The following video was create with my Instagram photos with an app called Flipagram which is available for Android, IOS and Windows mobile devices.

Hope you enjoyed these two digital stories. Let me know if you have used either of these apps and what you used them for. Look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Story Telling!

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Christmas Inspired – Digital Storytelling


This is the six word story that I decided to create. One of my most favorite things in this entire world is to give other presents. I love to see the reactions of others when they open the gift and it is exactly what they didn’t know that they wanted. Within my family, I have come to be known as the gift giver as I will randomly get a family member something small and significant even when it is not near the Christmas or their birthday. I was once told that I spend too much money on others, but in reality most of my gifts are handmade and very inexpensive to me. The young girl in this picture reminds me of a girl that I use to babysit. I had never had a younger sibling and she did not have an older sibling and magically we just connected. I was very excited to give her a birthday present one year as I got her a small sisters necklace. We use to be neighbors and in many ways, I spent so much time with this girl that we were family. She is eight now and now that I have moved away from home, she calls me sometimes to check up on  me.

When I was asked to create a six word story for class, all I could think about was Christmas and therefore I thought about presents. This made creating the story very easy as it is clear, every time you open a present, you go through this emotional roller coaster. Looking at the present you feel excited, as you start to rip open the paper your heart flutters and hopefully when you open the gift, it is exactly what you wanted.

As Christmastime is approaching, I hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys their emotional roller coaster as you open those glistening packages that await under the tree!

Happy Gifting!

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Stitches and Seams – Finishing The Dress

As I work on my dress again and I am to the point where I am ready to stitch the pieces together. This is the point where I had to set up my sewing machine again since it was packed away during my move.  I thought that this was a perfect moment to document my learning so far by including a short video of me preparing the sewing machine once again. (I am proud that I have the system down to a science).

During my move, I misplaced my tripod, so I had to enlist the help of my roommate for videotaping the following pieces. Before starting to sew my dress I had to choose what type of stich that I wanted to use. I decided on a straight stitch followed by a zigzag stitch. Once I was done my stitches, I unpinned my material and put the pins away. I am very excited because I can see the basic shape of my dress. All that is left to complete this is finishing edging around the arms and at the bottom of the dress.

To finish my dress, I had three things left to do: 1) pin and sew the bottom of my dress so that It looked nice and was custom to my height, 2) pin and sew around the neck and arm holes to make the dress look polished, and 3) try on the dress and admire my work.

While I was finishing the bottom of the dress, I had to enlist the help of my roommate again to help keep the pinning straight. After I pinned to bottom edge, I sewed and cut the excess material off. When this was completed, I moved on to the neck and arm holes on the dress. I used my eye as a guide to measure the seams, and I feel that I did a great job. When my dress was completed, I cut off any excess strings and then tried on the dress. I love it so much, that I have decided that I am going to wear it to my last day of ECMP class in which we are gathering in person. Below is a picture of my completed dress to which I am very proud of and I can now say that I completed by goal of sewing a dress. IMG_0839

Never Enough Pins!

Before I started to make my physical dress, I searched up on YouTube how to cut out patterns. I learnt that weights or pins were great for ensuring that you cut out a proper pattern.
IMG_0805From here I took my pattern out of the package and cut it to my desires. I followed the size 8 dress size to make sure my dress would be made to my size. When the two pieces for my dress were cut out, I was confused as to how this pattern would create a dress. I stopped for a break at this time while I had a snack and thought about it. I felt embarrassed when I realized the answer because it was so easy to see. I ended up laying my fabric out on my working surface and folded over one edge so I had an overlap, the size of the patter.IMG_0807 IMG_0806IMG_0808

Next I laid my patter on the fabric and made sure that I placed it as close to the edge as I could to avoid wasting fabric. I pinned my pattern for the front of the dress down to both layers of the fabric. Next I took scissors and cut out the material on three sides. I did not cut the rolled overlay side of the fabric as this creates a connecting portion of my two pieces. After my piece was cut out, I unpinned the patter from the fabric and set the piece to the side. Following this, I laid out the rest of my material and folded it in half to create the piece of my dress. Like the process from creating the front piece of the dress I pinned the pattern to the material, cut it out, unpinned the material and set the piece aside. This left me with the two pieces that were necessary for creating my dress.IMG_0810

Now it was time to work on the body of my dress. I was ready to start sewing my pieces together; however, I realized that I was unsure which way to lay the dress so my seams would be on the inside and not the outside. I thought that my best answer for this question would come from a sewing expert, so I called up my mom. She helped me understand that the two pieces of material needed to be pinned face to face in order for me to be able to sew a hidden stitch. The following video shows my process of going from two pattern pieces to creating the body of the dress, in preparation for stitching it together.

Picking And Choosing… Journey Towards The Dress

For my ECMP 355 final project I chose to learn how to sew. I later decided that the way that I would demonstrate my learning would be through the creation of a dress. One of my hardest decisions through this process was deciding what kind of dress that I wanted to make. I went to Fabricland to look for a pattern and some material. While I was flipping through the pattern book, I came across a maxi dress pattern. I have always wanted to wear a maxi dress; however, due to the proportions of my body these dresses are either too long for me or too wide. I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to make one that fits just right.Pattern Maxi Dress Pattern (Front)After deciding that the maxi pattern was the style of dress that I wanted to create, I set out to the back of the store to find some material. While looking at the back of the pattern, I was slightly puzzled at figuring out the size of dress that would fit me. I must have had a confused look on my face because a sales representative walked up to me and asked if she could help me with anything. I was slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t figure out my size of dress. The nice representative helped me figure out that I wore a size 8 dress and that I needed 1 2/3 yards of material to create my dress. I started to look round for material that I liked.

My common sense kicked in while looking at the pattern as I realized that I would need a stretchy material so that I could get the dress on. I ended up finding a few stretchy pieces of materials that I liked; however, I was unable to decide between two of them. Finally I chose to take both on the basis that I planned to make another dress and further practice my new skill. Once I had a representative cut the material to my desire amount I headed for the front of the store. I was very excited when I approached the till to purchase my fabrics and it turned out both of my materials were 70% off and my pattern was regularly $17.95 and it was on sale form $7.95. I was happy that I found two types of fabrics that I liked and they were on sale.

Costs of learning are always better when you get them at a discounted rate!

The Overwhelming Itch From Scratch

As we were asked in class, I checked out the app Scratch. I worked to create a small story using the coding prompts. When I started using the app, I was slightly frustrated because I did not know anything about coding. Once I played around with it a little bit, I started to find it easier and easier. I hit a rough patch when I tried to turn my character Max the fish around in the prompts. I ended up affecting other parts of the code which made me very frustrated. I will admit that I did take several days to make my small video because I was frustrated a couple of nights and moved on from it. I will also admit that this was not my most favorite app to use because I am not totally into video creation in the first place. On that note I realize that this app is a great starting point for learning how to code. I was discussing with my brother, a coding expert, about this app. He told me that this app is a great place to start when teaching coding; however, according to him, this is not the proper way that code works. In other words the actual process of coding is not this “simple” but Scratch shows the basics of the flow of coding.

I think that this app would be useful for working on a coding project over a extended amount of time to allow for users to fully understand the uses and consequences for each command. I am glad that I had the experience of creating a small video; even though I was very overwhelmed by the process. I have a question for you, the reader. In this modern day, we try to show kids at a younger age how to code and use computers. My question is, what is your opinion of exposing children to technology to children at a young age and what do you think the implications of this are?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my scratch project entitled Holly The Grumpy Fish.