Engaging in Peer Led Seminars: Traditional Healing

I have a great appreciation for learning from my peers as they have a wealth of knowledge and can easily relate to the struggles that I am faced with as a pre-service teacher. In seminar two, the topic of traditional healing was discussed. I found this experience enlightening because I was able to physically map out where my holistic health was at currently and brainstorm things that I could do to help make my circle ‘round’ again. In the picture below, is my drawing of my holistic balance of life as of February 2nd, 2017.20170202_195154

As you can see, I had a few areas that needed support; however, all of my parts of self could use some work. On a personal level, I enjoyed this activity brought to light by the Seminar two group as it helped me think about my self-care, which as an educator or student;sometimes I put on the back burner. As an educator, this could be a great activity to do with my students as it shows them that their actions have an impact on how they feel and think about themselves. I strongly connected to this activity when the metaphor of considering your holistic health as a ball and you would not want to have a lopsided ball it would not roll right. The same goes for your holistic health, we must make sure that all four quadrants of ourselves are in balance to make sure that we feel good. After completing this exercise, I started to think about my daily routines and activities. This helped me realize that I may not be physically ill; however, I needed to take some more time for myself to relax, rejuvenate and to get more sleep. With students this would also be a good activity as you could ask for the reasoning behind why the student picked each level for each quadrant and then ask them what they think they could do to improve it.

Thank you for seminar group two for bringing forward this idea to us as a class.




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