Rethinking My Own Identity: A Purposeful Planning Post

This semester, I was introduced to the concept of a treaty walk. I am aware that this can be taken in different ways. In my mind, a treaty walk is your purposeful planning to put yourself in experiences or expose yourself to new ideas that help you better understand what it means to be a treaty person and what your role in reconciliation is. With this in mind, I have collected some thoughts about what actions I plan to take this semester to help myself understand what it means to be a treaty person.

The first purposeful step was to research different events and activities that are happening in the local area, that I can attend. My classmate Shayla, was kind enough to share two events happening at the University regarding residential school experiences and understanding identity. These events are put on by Daniella Zalcman. I plan to attend each of these (January 26 & 30) as well as make connection to this topic in regards to my identity and how it relates to myself in the role of a teacher.

The second purposeful step is to listen for opportunities that arise in my daily life that can help me understand my role as a treaty person. By listening to the world around me, I open my eyes to learning experiences I would have missed otherwise. This concept arose from an instructor in my ELIB class. She spoke about looking for opportunities and being open to ones that are outside of your comfort zone because this is how you grow and experience the world fully.

For now, I leave you with this. I plan to continue to blog about my different experiences as they arise and their connection to my emerging identity as a treaty person.

Until next time,



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