October 19th

Today was a very interesting day in my internship. I started off the day, struggling to get out of bed and I did not feel well. After I convinced myself to get motivated to eat breakfast, I headed off to the school. First period was prep which allowed myself, some time to relax and get ready for the day.

My first lesson was teaching about reading strategies. We have been using this very cool game that teaches students about reading strategies. It works really well on iPad. In my previous reading strategies class, the students took almost 15 minutes to get onto the site and start playing the game. That’s half of my whole lesson time. This time, I wanted to change it up so that students would be able to get on quicker. I realized that a QR code reader would speed things up, or so I thought. Turns out, on our iPads, we do not currently have a QR code reader (hopefully getting one soon) so instead we had to use the Samsung tablets. These tablets are a great tool… when they work. We had issues with our tablets and in turn, we ended up not getting to our activity quickly again this time. So, I have decided that we will play the game as a class next time so that I know it will get done. Sometimes, it is hard to have individualized technology activities when technology does not want to co-operate.
The chaos of the classroom did not end there. Soon, we transitioned into our Freak the Mighty paragraphs that we have been writing. I felt agitated during this lesson people students continually asked me the same question over and over, “what do I do next?” The interesting part is that I had created a step by step document and criteria list for this paragraph and we went over it extensively at the beginning of our writing stages. I have realized that this is a common theme among our students, “learned helplessness” or the need to be told what to do all the time. I stopped the class to redirect and inform the students about the resource that they have in their book that is there to help them do the best job that they can on this assessment. I felt very frustrated that I spent so much time explaining and creating that sheet, and then it was overlooked instead of being utilized. Anyways, lesson learned.

My math lesson today went well. I felt proud when I decided on the the fly, to do a refresher activity before sending students off to do their assignment. This helped me remember that I had two students who missed the instruction the day before and needed it in order to complete the assignment. I pulled the two students aside and taught them while others worked. In order to help these students get caught up, I made sure that I selected questions on their assignment that touched on each concept, but I lowered the amount of questions they needed to complete. I am proud of this decision today.

At noon today, we had out LUNCH ON LITERACY, which is basically a “Pack-a-parent” lunch with a twist. Parents come to meet in the gym with their child(ren) and eat lunch followed by reading books together. It was a great turn out and very fun to be a part of.

After lunch, I taught social and health. My social lesson involved watching a video about Tommy Douglas. This was a great alternative to researching for students as I noticed they were able to pick out way more information from the video, than they would have been able to get from reading a text. After last recess, was health, where I provided students with an activity where they got to draw their three favorite activities and then list the safety considerations that they needed to think about in order to stay safe while during that activity. I gave the students large pieces of old school printer paper and let them create a mural of their drawings.

I am looking forward to what the rest of the week has in store for me!


Until next time!

Jenna deBoth


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