Stepping in For the Day

This post will explore the different resources that I found that have helped me develop my current tub of “tricks” for being a substitute teacher.

Substitute Teacher Tub (SubTub)

One Extra Degree

Sub Hub Online

Corkboard Connections

Teachers Pay Teacher $6.00 resource – 124 pages of a Substitute teacher activities and tricks. This was a strong tool that I used while I was creating my Sub Tub


Resources: Pinterest Boards By Seusstastic

Bucket Fillers

General Classroom Crafts

Teaching Blogs

List of Books to Read

Free Lessons

Lesson Plans

Number Talks

For Educators

Best of Arts Ed – All Grades

Free K-3 Literacy Sources


Future Substitute Teacher Binder

One day, I plan to have a binder that lays out anything that a teacher may need to know when stepping in for the day as the full time teacher. I found  cute title pages for this binder on Teacher Pay Teacher. It was a free resource and a wonderful outline of important sections to have in a binder so any substitute teacher who needs to, can come and run your classroom efficiently.

Template For Sub Binder

Template For Sub Binder – Beach Theme



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