Creating my Teaching Toolbox

Throughout our ESST 310 class at the University of Regina, we have been looking at how technology can be used to teach social studies in the elementary year. Technology has become a part of our every day lives and without it we would not have many of the luxuries that we currently do. As teachers, we must adapt and change towards the way society is evolving. It is out primary job to foster student learning of essential information and skills that they will require in the workforce someday.  As an educator, technology should not be our foe, but instead a great tool to use to bring learning to life for students and provide them with multiple learning experiences. Robot

I strongly agree with this photo above. Teachers who are embracing technology in this current age will likely replace those teachers who do not incorporate technology into their teaching. I appreciated this ESST 310 class for the reasons that we were shown various tools that we can use to help enhance and differentiate our teaching for future students. Below, you will find various tools that we were introduced to in the Fall 2015 semester and how they can be used in a classroom or as a support.


Kahoot is a interactive website that allows teachers and students to create a multiple choice question game. kahootTo play the game, students can use personal technology and access the game with a code through This game has not limit on the number of players, which provides teachers with the freedom to use this tool with any size of classroom. The easy to use shapes and colors for recognition of answers allows for this tool to be used with multiple grade and learning levels. In a classroom, this tool could be used as a formative assessment, a fun recap of information or to help make a decision in the classroom. With Kahoot, students are actively engaged in their learning which ultimately helps increase what they are learning and what they will remember. I plan to use this tool as a way to get my students excited about a topic as well as using it to make classroom decisions. If you have not tried kahoot yet, I would strongly recommend it as it is a great tool that teachers and teachers love using. 

Remind Meremind

Remind Me is an application that send out reminders to a select group of people. This tool can be used in a classroom as a way to have classroom reminders sent out to parts or in high school the students themselves. With Remind Me, teachers are able to be more transparent with parents and let them know when things are happening in the class or when their child is required to bring soremindmething to class or finish some homework. To sign up, teacher go to and sign up. When a teacher creates a “class” on remind me, they can then send out a number and a code to parents and guardians of their students. For parents and guardians to sign up for the reminders, they simply just have to send a text message to a classroom number with the body text of a certain classroom code. This information is produced when the teacher creates and signs up a class. After parents and guardians have subscribed to this messaging system, all the teacher has to do is select a class and type in a message. This message will be sent to all of the “students” in the classroom.

I love this tool because it provides teachers with the opportunity to let their student’s parents know what is happening in the classroom as well as if there is anything particular that the students need to bring to class or complete at home. I intend to use this tool someday in my classroom as it will allow me to have the opportunity to keep my students parents and guardians up to date with our classroom experience. I strongly recommend that all teachers try this app out. This is a great example of how technology has advanced out world and has provided us with a great support and amenities.

Google Docs

Google Docs is not a new piece of technology for myself, but it is a great tool especially in the classroom. Google Docs is an online word document program that mimics Microsoft Word. This allows you to create documents that are all saved online on your Google Drive. Google Docs makes collaboration seamless as multiple people can edit
the same documGoogle Docsent at the same time and see the changes live as they occur. This allows for great teamwork and presentation building. One of the best things about Google Docs is that the doc saves automatically every time you make a change to your document. With having the document saved online, you can access your work anywhere that you have a device and internet access. Google Docs also has a function to change the privacy settings so that you can allow anyone with your link to either view, edit or comment on your document. 

I have had a great amount of experience with Google Docs as I own a Chromebook. This device is a Google laptop that does not save any information locally or on your computer. All documents, pictures and data are saved to your Google Drive, which is an online database of documents and information of documents that you create using the google-driveGoogle Application.

These three tools are excellent for incorporating technology into your classroom in a meaningful way. I intend to use/ continue to use these tools in my future classroom. Please comment below your thoughts on any of the resources posted above. I love hearing about how different classrooms are using tools to increase their classroom experience!

Until next time, thank you for reading my blog!


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