Interactions and Interdependence: Understanding Outcome Resource Package

The world of outcomes and indicators can get very complex and confusing. In my Educational Social Studies 310 class during the fall of 2015, we were asked to take a strand of the Social Studies curriculum and decide on a outcome to deconstruct for a presentation. My group of Miss Berner and Miss Waldbauer and I decided to look at the grade three social studies strand called Interactions and Interdependence of Nations. We chose the outcome IN 3.3: Illustrate examples of interdependence of communities. We created a lesson plant that we would use with a grade three classroom as well as an adapted version of that lesson to keep our fellow Elementary Education colleagues engaged in our 20 minute presentation of the outcome.  The resource package below contains our lesson plan as well as resources that can help educators develop their own activities for the Interactions and Interdependence of Nations strand in grade three social studies.

Interactions and Interdependence of Nations Grade Three Resource Package

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One Reply to “Interactions and Interdependence: Understanding Outcome Resource Package”

  1. Wow! There is so much variety on your blog! It is so inspirational! I appreciate you sharing all of your hard work and your insights on differing topics. Your future students are going to have a wonderful, meaningful, educational experience in your classroom based on the materials you have provided in your blog!


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