Disrupting Classroom Power and Authority Reflection

During our class on Monday, September 28th we explored Power and Authority in the classroom. This class involved teaching strategies such as technology, teacher led learning, student led learning, lecture, group work and a small chunk of flipped classroom teaching. Something new that I learned from this class was the website called RubiStar. This website helps with the development of rubrics for any class or activity. I will be adding this website to my teaching tool kit as I know that I will be making a great amount of rubrics in the future.

This class structure disrupted the classic Teacher-led classroom. In many classes, especially traditional classrooms, the teacher is viewed as the keeper of knowledge and the students are viewed as the learners. In this classroom, we the students were able to take charge of our own learning and we made decisions that affected the class’s path. By allowing the students to decide what criteria our Understanding Outcome Presentations should be marked on allowed us to be more engaged with the learning and assessment process of the assignment. By allowing students to decide what they will be assessed on, provides the students with an opportunity to see the value of their work process and have a better understanding of the assignment or activity.

When we were asked to break into groups for our resource activity, each member of the group was able to take charge at one point and present their ideas. This meant that there was not just one leader in the group, but each member had a chance to voice their opinion and make decisions for the group. In a traditional University class, we would not have had a chance to make decisions about what we were being accessed on or what was the focus of our assignment. By shifting the power structure from teacher to student created engagement and enthusiasm towards the content and development of presentation assessment. I know that I appreciated having the power to decide what my work was going to be assessed on as this allowed me to understand the upcoming assignment and also allowed me to feel a sense of belonging in the classroom. I look forward to experiencing this change in dynamics in our Educational Social Studies 310 classroom this fall.

Until next time, thank you for reading my blog.


Photo Credit: Www.audio-luci-store.it via Creative Commons/Flickr


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