11th Hour: Review

The 11th Hour is a climate crisis documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. This 90 minute movie is framed around the concept that our earth is in a climate crisis and we as humans have the greatest impact on the future of our planet. This documentary hosts the thoughts and opinions of many great environmental voices as they call for a change in the way we live. This eye opening video ropes in the hearts and minds of adults across the world in hopes that they will make a change and teach the next generation that environmental action is something that all humans must take part in as nature is a part of us. Climate change is an issue that was increased by the development of industrialization. A species that was once dependent on natural sunlight, has not found sunlight power in resources in the earth and is using it to prolong and expand days and activities.

11th hour logo

This documentary poses an interesting standpoint of creating awareness. The environmental side of the video is focused on spreading the message that the world is at the eleventh hour and fifty-nine seconds and we have very limited time to have an impact on the way nature reacts. In order to help the earth, we must act now. On the political side of the video, famous or recognizable figures such as Leonardo DiCaprio and David Suzuki are used as a hope to garner support from fans. The media is a massive force in today’s culture and therefore it is important that we understand how we can use it to get what we want and how we can use it to create change.

The ecological issue that I covered in my action learning project was based around the topic of glacier melting due to climate change. This documentary, helped me realize that we can make a difference in our world, but only if we act quickly and change our behaviors before it is too late. The action that Brooke, Kristen, Kaitlin and I took in our project could be further refined with a purpose that we as humans believe that we are superior to other forms of life. I would use this information to alter our campaign so that we could evoke emotional response to how our impact at the university really impacts the world. We had great ideas and material; however, I think that a better connection to self would make a greater impact on those who we involved and interviewed in our campaign.

While rewatching the 11th Hour recently, I realized the connection between my action learning project and everyone else’s. I noticed that this documentary talked about the pollution in the water, as well as how we as humans need to find a connection to the earth in order to sustain our living. This realization makes me reflect on how everything in environmental education tends to link together into one large complex structure. This is of course, due to the fact that the earth, itself is complex and there is so much still left to learn.

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