The Big Thaw Presentation

Below you will find my Action-Learning project presentation. This was created with my group Kristen, Kaitlin and Brooke. We worked great together and I really appreciate all of the hard work each and every one of these ladies put into this project. We were all very passionate and committed to our work as a group and I enjoyed the clear communication and flexibility of our group members.

As for my action, I started off strong with commuting with others and taking the bus; however, I started to drive more myself as the month went on. I found it particularly hard to take the bus when I had to work after class, because the bus times would have made me late or close to late everyday for work, due to the short window between the end of class and the start of work. I plan to bus more as spring comes and as I have concluded my job. I look forward to walking to get groceries and the mail as the weather gets warmer.

This project made me think critically  about my carbon footprint and try to find ways to reduce it. My group’s Glogster and Prezi presentations can be found below. Finally, I want to thank Kaitlin, Kristen and Brooke for being such great group members!

prezi photo

The Journey of the Big Thaw Prezi

Glogater Photo

The Big Thaw Glogster 

Until next time!


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