My Eyes Have Been Opened

Listening to everyone’s presentations so far, has made me realize how much I enjoy talking about the earth. I have always been interested in the environment and its wonderful capabilities, but this ESCI 302 class has opened my eyes even further. I was always stuck in the mind frame that taking care of the environment meant recycling and licking up litter. Listening to the presentation on food global vs. local made me question myself. I never considered that choosing foods from a local place instead of the grocery store would have an impact on the world. Thanks to this groups’ action learning project, I am now aware that we need to respect the animals and plants that we use as food, so we do not end up without a food source. I would like to thank Courtney, Matt, Trina, and Nat for opening my eyes to the places I get my food from and what they are made of. After this presentation, I was very cautious when I went to the grocery store. I am looking into purchasing fresh foods from Local and Fresh as I think this would be a great company to support and I would be given healthy fresh foods. In my creative journal this week I wrote, “Think LOCAL to affect GLOBAL” and I was making reference to the foods I buy. One reistance I had with the group’s presentation, is that we cannot totally buy local as many of the goods that we use today are created globally. I think that purchasing food locally is important, but you it is hard to completely cut our global goods entirely.

My feature image of this post is my creative journal entry from this week, but to give a visual to the following discussion I decided to post the journal entry below.

FullSizeRender (21)

ESCI 302 has opened my eyes to the way I look at the world. The words love, freedom, treasure, responsibility and education are located on this drawing as a reminder of the goals I have for how I now view the world. I love our earth and I think that it is important to treasure what you love. In order to treasure our wonderful planet we must rethink our education and give students the freedom to fall in love with what is around them. As a future educator, it is my responsibility to spread my knowledge of the world with my students in hopes that they will continue sharing the love and respect that I have for our planet.

One issue that I had during this course is that I live a very comfortable life, that is very harmful to environment. I struggle to step outside of that comfort zone and try to be more eco-friendly. My hope for the future is that I will be able to acquire new skills and techniques in my everyday life that will take the place of parts of my current life. I want to end this post by transferring the text on my journal entry to this blog page.

“ESCI 302 has taught me to look at the world around me in a different way; yet challenge myself to do more. Find a connection with the world around me. Fight for what I love and inspire others to do the same. Enjoy the fresh air. Be active and love life. Think local to affect global. Breathe. Respect our planet. One Earth One Life.” – March 9th, 2015

Until next time!


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