Looking Back And Moving Forward: Meta- Reflection

Starting out in ESCI 302 my understanding of my connection to the environment was very different to how it is today. I felt very distanced from nature starting this class; however, I still felt that I was responsible for what happened to the earth. In my first blog post/journal entry I created a ticket that said the saying, “Your Environment, It’s Everywhere.” Looking back at this, I realize that I did not understand how interconnected I am with the world around me. Today, I feel that my environment is not just around me, but that I am also an environment. This understanding that when I hurt something in the world, I hurt myself because we are all connected. This reminds me of “system thinking,” an idea that we are all connected and dependent on one another. These new concepts, made me be critical of how I view my relationship to the world. My conversations in class and online with Willow, have also made me question my relationship with nature and how can I become more connected. I am still working and struggling through this process.

One thing that I really enjoy about ESCI 302 is the assignment of creating a creative journal. This project has become more than another assignment for me, but a great way to express my creativity and be critical of myself. If there is one thing that I am completely confident with from this class, it is the creative journal process. I enjoy pushing myself to try and do new things and express myself in a different way. A recurring element in my journal is a globe or the view of the whole earth. Now, it may seem obvious, because I am in an environmental class, that I would have pictures of the earth everywhere, however, I commonly describe and illustrate the water, air and dirt that exists on the earth. In connections to everything environmental, it all comes back to the water, dirt and air of the earth. I feel that I need to look deeper into these issues and topic to explore further, but my mind is always drawn to these elements.

One concept that I struggled with was ecoliteracy. I am glad that we had multiple readings and conversations about eco-literacy as I struggled to understand what exactly it entitled at first. Now, I believe that many titles that we put on people are too broad to fully define. I make the connection to my second blog post about eco-literacy. The drawing that I displayed from my creative journal showed me how chaotic and difficult it is to define an eco-literate person and that this is okay. I can relate this to the conversation that we had with Colin Harris in class. I loved how he said that environmentalists are hard to define and that we shouldn’t limit them. Making this connections, invokes me to think further and make a connection to the earth and how we shouldn’t limit the possibility of this world we live in. I believe that the vision of a limitless world, filled with joy, prosperity and love, is a reason why environmental education is so important.

My action learning project is focusing on climate change in regards to the impact it is having on the glaciers. This project has made me dig deeper and realize that I feel close to the environment, but I need to take more action. I loved the video The Story Of Change and how it said that the only way we can create change is with and idea, commitment and then by taking action. I have noticed that taking action is hard and my group and I have struggled with how we are going to create change in an action packed way. I want to make a change in the world, and do my part to help out, so this project is a great way to help me start putting my ideas into action.

As the semester continues, I look forward to learning more about my connection to nature and ways in which I can develop evolve this. I hope that I will be able to gain a better understanding of how I can help my future students feel connected to the environment, but I think I have to first work on myself, in order to help them. Thank you for reading my meta reflection.

Until next time!



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