The Eco-Literate One

The Eco-Literate One

There is a dream for the perfect human.

One who treasures all that’s bloomin’.

They live in harmony.

It seems like hyperbole,

but lets lighten up your garbage bin.

This poem above entitled “Eco-Literate” is a illustration of an ecologically literate person. I feel that becoming an eco-literate person is a task that is on-going and is more of journey then a destination. My experience of writing a poem about an eco-literate person was harder than I anticipated. When I discuss with others what it means to be eco-literate, I find it fairly easy to describe such a person. On the other hand, I found it difficult to formulate a poem out of my description of a eco-literate person. For those who find my poem confusing, let me take a moment to dissect it:

When I look at the world around me, it is clear that our earth lacks in the department of eco-literate individuals. We are missing these people because our world is focuses on materialistic value. We dream for a time where our world will be home to more people who are focused on preserving and valuing the environment in which they live in, compared to those who take until there is nothing left.

As mentioned above, we need more eco-literate people because they treasure the world around them. In my poem I used the term bloomin’ in relation to ‘new’ or ‘growth’. An eco-literate person treasures nature which can be thought of as always growing anew. An eco-literate person treasures renewable resources as the earth replenishes this so it is always available if use in moderation. Thinking of bloomin’ as growth in regards to an eco-literate person, connections can be made to a products life growth. This makes me think about the way products can be reused or recycled into something; therefore expanding the life of the material.

The lifestyle of a eco-literate person can be referred to as one of harmony. This harmony exists between humans and nature. In order to eco-literate, you must not only respect and treasure nature, but also work to understand how this complex system has evolves, adapted and survived for so long. If we, as humans, are able to understand and live in a manner that supports the continued survival of nature, we will be able to survive as a species. The road that humans are headed down currently is one that will end in the demise of humans at a very rapid rate.

This poem was made in the style of a limerick which is comprised of five lines. Lines 1,2 and 5 have 7-10 syllables and rhyme as well as line 3 and 4 have 5-7 syllables and also rhyme. This style of poem usually includes a line of hyperbole which means an exaggerated statement or claim. The term hyperbole stands out to me as there is great arguments against those who try to be environmental activists or live in eco-literate ways. Many humans do not understand that our environment sustains out life and if we do not work to save it, we are going to loose it. This in turn would be the end of human life as we know it. As outrageous as this sounds, it is true. We do not own anything as it is all made up of material from nature. In turn, if nature is unable to produce these goods, then we are unable to use them. I included the term hyperbole into my poem as I felt it highlighted the idea that protecting our environment is all an “extreme exaggeration”.

Finally, I concluded my poem with the line, “But, let’s lighten up your garbage bin.” If more humans were able to live in an eco-literate manner, we would have less garbage and waste. These materials could be broken down and used in a different way. When we reduce the amount of materials that are thrown away, we will also reduce the amount of pollution in our world. The more waste we have, the more materials we take to replace. An eco-literate person, is someone who recognizes that we as humans need to change our ways of using and abusing nature and a great place to start this is to reduce the amount of waste in our garbage bins. I hope you enjoyed this poem.

Until next time!


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