CB #3: What Matters To Me – Eco-Issue

Last week we were asked to look around us and see what issue we were really passionate about. Eco-issues have always been on my radar as I was heavily involved in an environmental group in high school. This group was started when I was in grade 5; however, when I was in grade seven, the group started to take off. My graduating class was a strong group of individuals who were interested and passionate about doing our part to save the earth. In our small town of around 1,000 people, we introduced many forms of recycling such as: tin can, plastics type 1-7, battery, plastic bags, light bulbs (including florescent bulbs) and glass jars. For a small town, this was a tremendous job that a bunch of high school students were accomplishing. This group was called Going Green and it has bad a lasting impact on my life. In many way, I believe that I do a small part for the environment by following the recycling ideas of Going Green. This week, made me reflect on my experiences with Going Green which inspired me to complete the following creative journal entry.FullSizeRender (16)

 During our discussions last Tuesday, I realized that I am interested in more then just recycling. My first discussion was with Willow and she spoke very passionately about the way she wants to help her students become more connected to the world around them. Later in the week when I was reading her blog post, she further discussed her thoughts and feeling about becoming more connected to nature and survival skills. One statement that I enjoyed was, “If every person had a love for something outside, a place, an activity, a plant or animal, then there would be more desire to preserve it.” I think that this is a powerful statement and one that could do great things. There are over 7 billion people on the earth and if every person had one place that they worked to preserve because they treasure it, then we would make a huge impact on the earth around us. This statement made me reflect on how I could help my future students find that passion to preserve something they treasure in the natural world. The outcome of this reflection was the journal entry below.

FullSizeRender (13)

This small, messy entry is important to me because I want to be a teacher that helps students find what their dreams are and go for them. I think it would be amazing to inspire students to dream of a planet that is healthy and have them try to make a difference in making that dream a reality.

Another discussion that I took part in was led by Kaitlin about glacier melting. This conversation helped me realize that I am very interested in the way mother nature is warming due to the effect of human misuse. Our discussion covered the topics of glacier melting as well as global warming and overpopulation. Discussing glacier melting made me realize how large of an issue climate change is and how it will greatly affect human life in the years to come. When it came time to choose what topic that I wanted to explore further as a eco-issue project, I realized the potential that was there with the topic of climate change and I feel that this is a topic that will grow in importance in the coming year. The following image is a picture of my creative journal entry about global warming.

FullSizeRender (14)

I look forward to further discussing and researching what I can do for the environment in regards to global warming and climate change.

Until next time!


One Reply to “CB #3: What Matters To Me – Eco-Issue”

  1. Jenna, I am totally enjoying the photos of your creative journal entries… they complement your written pieces so well and it is obvious that they hold much meaning for you. I am also pleased to read that, in conversation with others, you have expanded your understanding of what it might mean to “go green”. I agree that recycling is important, but that the world is much more complicated that this alone. It is helpful that you’ve made specific mention of some of your engagement with others’ writing and interests, towards becoming inspired to ‘make a difference’ in particular ways. I’m excited to see how this process continues to unfold for you.


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