What Does Environmental Education Mean To Me?

I decided to start off my blog posts for ESCI with an introductory blog post. I think that it is important to set goals for courses and expectations of what you want to learn about. This short and sweet post includes what I think Environmental Education means and my goals for this semester.

The natural world is a wondrous place that should be nurtured and sustained. As we look at the world around us, it is apparent that our planet is not being taken care of in the way it should be. I believe that we need to do something about this. One of the ways we can protect our environment is through education, which is why environmental education is very important. It is a common belief that environmental education is all about plants and animals, but from what I have seen so far in this class, there is much more involved. The relations between human and nature was not something I associated with environmental education; however, looking deeper into relations and the world around us I can see that I am a part of nature too. I believe the environmental education is also about the personal and social environments that we live in and the effects that they have on our lives.

My Goals for this ESCI 302 class is to:

  • Better understand my role in the environment,
  • Learn about ways that I can be Eco-friendly,
  • Not feel stressed or overwhelmed by my workload,
  • Play with some worms (Because they are cool) and,
  • Find cool ways can I help children learn and grow respect for the environment

Last comment: My feature image is one of the first images from my creative journal for this ESCI class and there are more to come.

Until Next Time!


2 Replies to “What Does Environmental Education Mean To Me?”

  1. I really identified with your story about the tree in your yard. I planted one in my yard when I was 11 – it is now 19 years old and HUGE! I don’t always feel very connected to my environment but going back to this tree, I am drawn to it. I feel like I have made a small difference and improvement to my environment. My daughter and I planted a tree on my father-in-law’s farm so she can visit it over her life time and hopefully feel the way about it that you and I have.


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