CB 1: Exploring My Enviroment

FullSizeRender (2)The idea of making a creative journal was very exciting for me. I have always felt like a crafty person, so it sounds fun and relaxing to me. I have planned to make my journal out of cardboard, flyers and  white computer paper. I enjoy doodling so I look forward to these entries. Speaking of entries, I think this is a great time to explore my first journal entry which is displayed to the left. To start off this first entry I thought about the prompt, “What does Environment means to me.”  The first image that popped into my head was the earth. I believe that as a patron of earth, it is our job to protect and nurture it. Unfortunately, as I illustrated with black pen around the earth, pollution and waste are greatly impacting the natural world.

As a drawing of the earth is not complete without coloring in the land and the oceans, I decided that I could color it in with words  that represent what makes up my environment. I colored in the oceans of the earth with subjects that I would find in the natural environment around me with regards to nature. I listed animals, plants, lakes, mountains, wheat fields, forests etc., which make up my habitat here in Canada and Saskatchewan. These elements were the reason that I partook in certain activities growing up or the reason that I went certain places on holidays. Looking at the natural environment reminds me that I am a different person because of the geography and climate that I grew up in. To color in the land of my earth I mentioned emotional or mental features of my environment. A great example of this would be love, which I wrote down as I have always felt loved and appreciated and so it has shaped me into a different person. On another section of land within my drawing, I wrote about the elements of health as an environment is impacted by the health of those around. If I was a tree and there was not enough nutrients around for the other trees to flourish, I would feel the impacts too as I would be lacking in the nutrients as well. In a way, I believe that humans are the same. When others are in pain we as humans feel it as well. The most important piece of this drawing to me is the words on the third section of land and the circle of words that surround the earth. I am especially referring to what we need to do, to ensure that our “environment” is sustained. This could occur through recycling, reusing, reducing the amount of waste we have and educating new generations. I think that education about what our environment is, how we too are a part of nature and the way we impact nature is essential for taking care of our earth for future generations.

For me, my environment is strongly impacted by my family and friends as they are of high priority. My parents created a nurturing home and lifestyle for me to grow up in which impacted the person I grew up to be. Looking back to my childhood and the environment that I lived in, I think about the evergreen tree that I planted in grade two. For the first five years it did not grow, but it also did not die. Reflecting on this memory reminds me that perseverance pays off. Today, that tree is over 8 feet tall and growing constantly. It is amazing that an element in nature taught me such a wonderful lesson. Now at this moment, most people are thinking that I’ve lost my marbles and I’m super off track, but I do think of this tree often as a reflection on myself. When I planted it, I did not push myself to do anything as I was very young. I started to work hard and step outside of my comfort zone the tree started to grow with me. Now that I have moved away, when I go home to visit, that tree reminds me of my childhood, how blessed I am and how much I have changed and grown.


As this semester continues, I am sure that I will acquire new knowledge and continue to grow and change on this journey called life.

Until Next Time!


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