Picking And Choosing… Journey Towards The Dress

For my ECMP 355 final project I chose to learn how to sew. I later decided that the way that I would demonstrate my learning would be through the creation of a dress. One of my hardest decisions through this process was deciding what kind of dress that I wanted to make. I went to Fabricland to look for a pattern and some material. While I was flipping through the pattern book, I came across a maxi dress pattern. I have always wanted to wear a maxi dress; however, due to the proportions of my body these dresses are either too long for me or too wide. I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to make one that fits just right.Pattern Maxi Dress Pattern (Front)After deciding that the maxi pattern was the style of dress that I wanted to create, I set out to the back of the store to find some material. While looking at the back of the pattern, I was slightly puzzled at figuring out the size of dress that would fit me. I must have had a confused look on my face because a sales representative walked up to me and asked if she could help me with anything. I was slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t figure out my size of dress. The nice representative helped me figure out that I wore a size 8 dress and that I needed 1 2/3 yards of material to create my dress. I started to look round for material that I liked.

My common sense kicked in while looking at the pattern as I realized that I would need a stretchy material so that I could get the dress on. I ended up finding a few stretchy pieces of materials that I liked; however, I was unable to decide between two of them. Finally I chose to take both on the basis that I planned to make another dress and further practice my new skill. Once I had a representative cut the material to my desire amount I headed for the front of the store. I was very excited when I approached the till to purchase my fabrics and it turned out both of my materials were 70% off and my pattern was regularly $17.95 and it was on sale form $7.95. I was happy that I found two types of fabrics that I liked and they were on sale.

Costs of learning are always better when you get them at a discounted rate!


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