Never Enough Pins!

Before I started to make my physical dress, I searched up on YouTube how to cut out patterns. I learnt that weights or pins were great for ensuring that you cut out a proper pattern.
IMG_0805From here I took my pattern out of the package and cut it to my desires. I followed the size 8 dress size to make sure my dress would be made to my size. When the two pieces for my dress were cut out, I was confused as to how this pattern would create a dress. I stopped for a break at this time while I had a snack and thought about it. I felt embarrassed when I realized the answer because it was so easy to see. I ended up laying my fabric out on my working surface and folded over one edge so I had an overlap, the size of the patter.IMG_0807 IMG_0806IMG_0808

Next I laid my patter on the fabric and made sure that I placed it as close to the edge as I could to avoid wasting fabric. I pinned my pattern for the front of the dress down to both layers of the fabric. Next I took scissors and cut out the material on three sides. I did not cut the rolled overlay side of the fabric as this creates a connecting portion of my two pieces. After my piece was cut out, I unpinned the patter from the fabric and set the piece to the side. Following this, I laid out the rest of my material and folded it in half to create the piece of my dress. Like the process from creating the front piece of the dress I pinned the pattern to the material, cut it out, unpinned the material and set the piece aside. This left me with the two pieces that were necessary for creating my dress.IMG_0810

Now it was time to work on the body of my dress. I was ready to start sewing my pieces together; however, I realized that I was unsure which way to lay the dress so my seams would be on the inside and not the outside. I thought that my best answer for this question would come from a sewing expert, so I called up my mom. She helped me understand that the two pieces of material needed to be pinned face to face in order for me to be able to sew a hidden stitch. The following video shows my process of going from two pattern pieces to creating the body of the dress, in preparation for stitching it together.


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