Christmas Inspired – Digital Storytelling


This is the six word story that I decided to create. One of my most favorite things in this entire world is to give other presents. I love to see the reactions of others when they open the gift and it is exactly what they didn’t know that they wanted. Within my family, I have come to be known as the gift giver as I will randomly get a family member something small and significant even when it is not near the Christmas or their birthday. I was once told that I spend too much money on others, but in reality most of my gifts are handmade and very inexpensive to me. The young girl in this picture reminds me of a girl that I use to babysit. I had never had a younger sibling and she did not have an older sibling and magically we just connected. I was very excited to give her a birthday present one year as I got her a small sisters necklace. We use to be neighbors and in many ways, I spent so much time with this girl that we were family. She is eight now and now that I have moved away from home, she calls me sometimes to check up on  me.

When I was asked to create a six word story for class, all I could think about was Christmas and therefore I thought about presents. This made creating the story very easy as it is clear, every time you open a present, you go through this emotional roller coaster. Looking at the present you feel excited, as you start to rip open the paper your heart flutters and hopefully when you open the gift, it is exactly what you wanted.

As Christmastime is approaching, I hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys their emotional roller coaster as you open those glistening packages that await under the tree!

Happy Gifting!

Feature Image Credit Goes To Creative Commons


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