Meet Thelma..

Thelma is a new arrival to my family. For those who are wondering, Thelma is my sewing machine. She was place on my mighty craft table only a few short weeks a go and so far she has been a wonder. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have always wanted to learn how to use a sewing machine. This is one of the many reasons why I am excited to have Thelma in my life.

Looking at my project to learn how to sew, I knew that once I had acquired a sewing machine, like Thelma, I would need to learn how to run her. This was a great opportunity as I found great resources on YouTube that allowed me to get a basic understanding of the main components or parts of the sewing machine and how to thread and get my sewing machine set up. First and for most, I looked up the parts of a sewing machine. I am vaguely familiar with a sewing machine as I took part in home economics in high school; however, I spent very little time working with the sewing machine. This meant that I needed a refresher. I found a great site that was entitled the Anatomy of a Sewing Machine. This website has a labelled diagram with detailed descriptions about each part of the machine. After I had pulled Thelma out of the box and got her set up, I needed a refresher on how to thread the machine.  I searched on YouTube how to thread the machine  and I found a great videos by Youtuber FilmedCoUk which has great instructional videos for how to do a variety of tasks. The first video that I looked at was the Start Sewing Video. This video was very helpful.

Once my machine was threaded, I used a scrap piece of material that I had and tried using a few different stitches on my machine. The following video is a quick view of me threading and practicing working with Thelma. I would like to quickly point out that this is the evidence of my practice of threading an preparing the machine.

Now this video was short, but those hands in the video are mine as I worked to set up the machine. So far during this learning project, I have been fairly lucky with the difficulty of my project; however, I know that as I move forth in my project to create a skirt and then a dress that things will become more difficult.

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One thought on “Meet Thelma..

  1. Hi Jenna,
    Now that we have met Thelma, we’re eagerly awaiting more about your project. Time is ticking away so I hope that you will share new updates about your project soon!

    Btw, neat blog theme … I like the visual nature of it.


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