MediaSmarts Incorporated Into Teaching

This week I explored the MediaSmarts Website. My initial thoughts about this website was that it is confusing. I found myself confused as to where I should go next as the menus and layout of the website were difficult to sort through. Once I managed to find my way around, I found some interesting ideas.

The MediaSmarts website includes a variety of great resources and guides for educators who are trying to teach their students the importance of technology and how to use it properly. One tab contained the outcomes for digital and media literacy within each province. Under Saskatchewan, I found that the tabs were divided into different grade. This tool could be used to help guide educators as they explore digital literacy as pertaining to their students. I think that the ideas that are purposed in these grade levels provides teachers with a starting point of how and where they can teach digital literacy to their students and integrate it into their curricula.

The MediaSmarts website covers many topics including ones that are brought forth through media’s influence such as body images of young students. When trying to help promote a healthy self-esteem media can be a major impact therefore it is important for teachers and students to challenge media and understand what impossible standards this sets for young students. I think that this heading under media issues is very important to discuss in schools as the media greatly impacts a students view of themselves and the world around them. As an educator, I would use this information to help integrate a lesson discussing how media alters and changes images which create false representations of the idols we see in the media. I think that using the internet and exploring media websites and articles would be very beneficial for this topic.

As I mentioned before, the MediaSmarts website is a host to many topics. I found another heading about cyber bullying. As we now live in a digital age, it is important to teach students the proper ways to act on the internet to insure a decrease in cyberbullying. I know that cyberbullying is a large issue and it is hard for teachers to monitor; however, I would use information from the MediaSmarts website on cyberbullying to help inform my students of the consequences of posting hurtful or cruel things online about others.

I think that the MediaSmarts website gives many great ideas for educators who are trying to get a grasp on digital and media influences that are occurring with their students. I know that the information on this website contains great resources that would be a great starting point for teachers.


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