Expanding My Horizons Through Learning

Growing up I always watched my mom hem and alter all sorts of outfits and items. I always found it intriguing to watch her take something that was torn and ripped and mend it so it looks almost new again. The idea of sewing never truly crossed my mind until I was posed with  the choice to do a learning project as a final project, I was very excited. My first reaction was that I wanted to make duct tape suit. The reasoning behind this is that I create and sell my own duct tape creations. I soon realized that this option would not be plausible for two reasons. First, I already know how to create patterns and object in duct tape therefore it would take time, but I would not be attempting a new skills. Secondly, I realized that I needed to use outside sources to help guide my learning. I knew that I would not use outside sources to teach myself to make a duct tape suit because I have a policy that my designs come from my head.

So once I realized that duct tape was not an answer I knew that I had to think outside the box, what was something that I always wanted to learn, but I never had to chance to. I was brought to the thought of my mom mending hemming clothing. I decided that I was going to teach myself to sew. I was unsure about what I was going to sew, so I decided I needed to start with the basics first. This means, trying to understand a sewing machine.


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