The Search and Find For Online Resources and Articles — Feedly Edition

On the internet today, you can find information on anything that you are looking for. For educational reasons it is important to make sure that the information that you are looking at is trustworthy and valuable. On Feedly, one of the many types of RSS readers, there are many different articles and links to a variety of works. I searched Feedly in search of educational articles that discussed education, technology and the changing world in general. To me, I find that it is important to look for articles that not only apply to my life, but also the life of the people around me. I was able to find a few different sources that I browse regularly.

First off there is Edutopia. This is a very source with informative and educational articles. When scrolling through my Feedly, I realize that many of the articles that I bookmark are from Edutopia.  The Edutopia website has articles that range form curriculum and classroom management to student engagement and bullying prevention. This website is a great resource because it covers a wide range of topics that are all relative to the world of educations, teachers and being in the classroom.

Next up is the Edtech Magazine. This resource includes great articles and discussions around technology in and around the classroom. This online magazine resource is home to articles describing technology that is being integrated and used in the classroom along with advancements and new ideas about technology in the classroom.  As a teacher in this modern age, knowing what is the up and coming for technology in the classroom will help in the way you run your class. New bits of information or tools that you can use to help with differentiated instruction and other teaching methods are always encouraged. I think that it is great that a website such as the Edtech Magazine exists because it gives you an example of what pieces of technology are being used in the classroom not only near you, but in the world around you.

How did I come to find these websites and resources you may ask, well it all started on Feedly. I started my search very general with a search for “Education” and “Technology”. After that I started  to look deeper for more specific sources such as “Technology in the Classroom”. I tried to stay in the parameters of technology and education; however, I also found some basic resources that were based around the world of education, which I did find suitable as well. This was the beginning of my search on Feedly, but I plan to continue searching and expanding my searches to find more valuable and trustworthy information that is out there that helps me on my journey to becoming an educator.


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