Meet Jenna

Hello, my name is Jenna deBoth and welcome to my blog. I am a second year Elementary Education student at the University of Regina. I am very excited to be pursuing my dream of becoming an educator and I can’t wait to see what the world of education has to offer.

I am very interested in crafts, creations and anything that allows me to explore my creative side. I have an obsession with Duct Tape and I avidly design and produce original pieces. I really enjoy helping others, which is why I am an active volunteer for many groups and activities around the city. I think that by lending your time and energy to a great cause you are able to make a small impact on the world everyday.

When it comes to working with children and youth, I have always wanted to be involved. By grade two, I had my mind set on becoming a teacher! Since then, besides from a hidden dream of becoming a professional singer, I have stuck with the dream of becoming an educator. For this I am very thankful because during my grade twelve year of high school when it came time to apply to post-secondary, I knew which institution I wanted to attend and what program I wanted to get into. By acquiring my motivation to following education as a profession, I was able to place myself in situations where I benefited from the experiences with children and youth. Starting off with babysitting at early adolescence, followed through with summer jobs working at a daycare and youth program, I was able to solidify my career choice easily.

I would like to thank my mother for being one of the biggest influence in my dream of becoming an educator. As a counselor who worked her way up into administration, I have taken many life lessons and motivations from my mothers success. I believe that with hard work and dedication you can do anything you set your mind too and I hold that very close to my heart.

Now lets talk technology. I am a major fan of technology as a tool in the classroom, only if used correctly. I think the technology can be a great tool to help in the classroom as there are many possibilities to what technology can do. The resources that are available online for both teacher and student are remarkable! As a educator or someone on the path of becoming an educator professional development tools are abundant on the internet and through digital networking. In preparation to entering your first classroom, technology can be a very helpful tool in preparing you for this new experience. In the classroom, especially with differentiated instruction for students, technology is a great tool that helps teachers successfully complete this task.

I grew up with a brother who was very good with technology therefore I have always been around technology and therefore developed a like towards technology. With this past experience with technology, I know that I will take advantage of technology in my classroom someday as I think that it is very helpful!

For now, I hope you enjoy the wonders of this blog and the adventures that life takes me on, on this journey to become an elementary educator.


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